What are some typical dental procedures covered by insurance covers?


If you are new to the dental world or if you feel it necessary to have a dental insurance, definitely, you must be wondering what are some of the most common dental procedures covered by the insurance. It is a common question that I had to ask myself too. Therefore, today, we are going to be looking at some of the procedures that are covered by some cheap dental insurance.

Dental procedures

Dental procedures are covered under the procedure code. These codes were established by the American Dental Association. Mostly, 50 of the most common used codes mainly contain 95% of all the procedures submitted to the insurance personnel and carriers.

The cost of the procedures

For sure, if you have done your investigation, you probably have realized that NADP does not collect information regarding the dental fees.  The American Dental Association publishes a survey of the dental fees which you will find easily on their website. The benefit of checking the fees here is that by large, the data presented here covers a wide geographical coverage. More to that, the data in this site is also up-to-date.

Dental procedures

Some of the most common procedures that you will find with most of the insurance covers include the ones listed below. However, it is also worth mentioning that this represent the major categories of the procedure you will find with the insurance covers. Under each category, there are sub categories in each.

  • Oral examinations.
  • X-rays.
  • Tooth cleanings.
  • Application of fluoride.
  • Fillings with either the amalgam/silver.
  • Crown procedures.
  • Root canals.
  • Treatment of the gum diseases.
  • Emergency relief pains.

If you look at something like the sealant procedures, you will realize one thing, this procedures are usually limited to the adult. Children in most cases are not administered with the sealant procedures.

Our take on these procedures

It is important that before taking the cover which you deem the best dental insurance, first of all take a keen look at the procedures that are provided under the cover. More to that, consider the price and the coverage. This way, you will be on the safer side and with a contract you will enjoy having.


These are the common procedures that you will find with most of the dental insurance covers. Even with the cheapest dental insurance cover, most of these procedures are covered.

Advantages of a Custom Website as Opposed to Self-built Template

These days, we can easily create our own websites using readily available designs online. Some are actually free templates which are user-friendly and anyone can easily follow the instructions provided. Custom websites on the other hand look more professional and are offering more features than the self-built templates. What type is more effective and has more benefits?

Importance of Website Development

What are the advantages of building a website?

Business owners need to design or build their own websites to help them in the promotion of their products and services. With the trend these high tech times of establishing businesses’ online reputation, a website has become a necessity. You can reach a wider audience if you do have your own site featuring your commodities or anything that you sell or offer. Since almost all people are surfing the net every waking hour, it has been a great venue to expose your business and become truly indispensable.

Custom Website vs. Self-Built Templates

  1. Self-built templates are relatively cheaper if not entirely free of costs.
  2. If you have created or designed your website properly using templates, it would be an advantage but if done poorly, will backfire against you.
  3. Some self-built templates don’t work well on mobile devices. With the advent of smart phones and tablets, netizens use them as their leading internet source. More expensive and well-crafted better-designed templates are developed to be more responsive and compatible to mobile device but it’s essential to make sure your template has this feature.
  4.  Self-built templates offer limited graphics design and navigation features. A few and limited customization can be offered by templates which usually are the more expensive ones, but you are with restricted graphics design and navigation.
  5. Self-built templates offer same designs a lot of people must also be using. Expert website designers can prevent this situation with creative use of graphics and customization but the most famous themes have been downloaded thousands of times on the net thus people have similar web designs.
  6. Self-built templates can pose security threat. Since these templates are usually free if not costs lesser than the custom web designs, it can sacrifice the security of the user while custom websites offer more security and has anti-hacking features to safeguard your web site.

Cons of Self-Built Templates

  • Pose security threat.
  • Can easily be hacked.
  • Lacks a lot of features and other functionalities.
  • Less flexible compared to custom design.

Quality and Security Should Not Be Sacrificed

On building your own website, it is normal to be cost-effective but it’s not effective if you will be sacrificing your security and the quality of your site which will represent your business or brand.