Are you ready to get job in Indian Govt?


Getting a job in India is an extremely competitive and often arduous process. While often one would think they are qualified for the job, it is often true to say that the huge number of applicants for a single job opportunity out qualifies the qualified. To get jobs in India, be it government jobs in India or jobs in the private sector, the following would be very important.

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Academic credentials

Academic credentials are the backbone of any job application process. Just as it happens worldwide, Indian jobs request academic papers as proof of your education. This can essentially be in the form of college certificates, bachelor’s degrees or even postgraduate degrees of whatever kind. The academic qualification of a job however depends on the cadre of job applied for. Jobs in the higher degrees will ultimately require more papers than simple jobs that can be undertaken with not much academic knowledge of whatever kind. While academic papers are often the most important, India has systems and methods only peculiar to it. An example of such is the sarkari exams.

Qualifying exams

In India, most jobs require the undertaking of a compulsory qualifying exam for all eligible exams. These exams are based on an exam syllabus based on the field of expertise. In particular, taking up sarkari naukri requires compulsory undertaking of the relevant sarkari exams. The subsequent results from these tests can be accessed on “Sarkari result website” . Results that pertain to the private sector are indexed as Sarkari result Delhi. Recent results, mostly of exams undertaken in the last one year are found as sarkari results 2017-2018 on our website. The essence of such qualifying exams is to filter out the excess of applicants so that only the top proceed to the interview stages.


Job interviews are always the final step in job seeking in India. After presentation of the Rojgar results or the sarkari results from the qualifying exams, candidates have to go through oral interviews, mostly before a panel. One only gets to qualify form the oral interviews after going through the sarkari exams whose sarkari results. Latest results are given on